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IT Eternals Multimedia is one of the leading web development service providers based in New Delhi, India. In today's digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for any business. Web development plays a vital role in creating a robust online platform that not only represents your brand but also provides an immersive user experience. At IT Eternals Multimedia, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge web development solutions that can help you establish a strong online presence for your business.

We understand that every business has unique requirements, and that's why we offer customised web development services that are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our team of expert web developers uses the latest technology to employ CMS and develop customised websites,B2B portals,B2C portals, and programming languages like PHP, WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, and Laravel to develop robust and responsive websites that are SEO-friendly and mobile responsive to establish a strong online presence for your brand.

We are not just a web development company, but we are also a strategic partner that can help you enhance your online presence and improve your search engine rankings. Our web development services are designed to deliver measurable results and help you achieve your business objectives. We at IT Eternals Multimedia use the latest technology trends to create advanced web solutions, with an aim to boost your business competency.

Our web development services include everything from designing a user-friendly interface to developing complex web applications. We can help you create B2B and B2C portals, e-commerce websites, and customised web applications that are tailored to your business needs. With our expertise in CMS development, we can help you manage your website content effortlessly and keep your website up-to-date.

At IT Eternals Multimedia, we are committed to delivering high-quality web development services that can help you achieve your business goals. Whether you are a start-up or an established business, we can help you enhance your online presence and achieve success in the digital world.

Content Management System (CMS)

Our user-friendly Content Management Service is a web application that helps in maintaining the content of your website. Our team of highly skilled developers create powerful and customized CMS solutions which you can update easily without any technical issues. Using CMS allows you to manage your site effectively with an admin panel.

We help you-

  • Streamline your business procedure.
  • Manage multiple sites simultaneously.
  • Produce and engage your audience with wide range of creative content.
  • Set up advanced content editor.
  • Establish admin panel to manage site and edit content.

Business to business (B2B)

At IT Eternals Multimedia, we have a vast experience of launching B2B businesses on global platforms to facilitate all types of online transactions.Through B2B web portals,businesses can advertise their listings and earn a significantly higher ROI.IT Eternals Multimedia offers you the widest range of business solutions,providing higher functionality to the users. We also assure a better user experience guaranteed to transform your website into a valuable asset.We offer:

We offer:

  • High-end web hosting
  • B2B Technological support
  • Information and content management
  • Web applications development
  • Systems consolidation

Business to Consumer(B2C)

We develop B2C portal designs with the best functions and features to facilitate online transactions.You can make profits by efficiently managing your vendors through your web portal, with the help of our experienced programmers and developers.We target your potential customers with our powerful strategies and promotional campaigns.

Some of our strategies include -

  • Social media marketing and advertising
  • Paid search advertising
  • B2C content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Creative marketing campaigns
  • SEO optimization

PHP development services

We are a professional PHP development services company, offering the best exposure to different sections of the web, through our team of highly skilled web developers who create a range of excellent PHP development solutions to construct the most cost-efficient websites. We capitalize on the potential of PHP as a scripting language to expand and solidify your web presence.At IT Eternals Multimedia, we are experienced at delivering front-end and back-end solutions that have versatile compatibility with multiple databases,internet protocols and APIs with open source solutions. PHP is one of the most popular programming languages and can be used to make a number of big and small projects ranging from e-commerce websites and portals to web-based software.

PHP has the advantage of being -

  • Convenient and flexible.
  • Trustworthy and reliable.
  • Platform independent
  • Supportive of all major web servers
  • Fast to develop


Wordpress is the most popular CMS that is used to create websites, and is one of the most effective blogging tools having the widest reach. IT Eternals Multimedia can help you put up the most creative and eye-catching content on your site,guaranteed to meet your business requirements.We offer the most innovative and cost-effective Wordpress solutions to create high-end Wordpress applications, carefully constructed by our experienced web developers. At IT Eternals Multimedia, we encourage creative collaborations between our various writers, designers and developers to create uniqueWordpress solutions, exclusively for your brand. We monitor,test and evaluate the site thoroughly at each stage of web development process.

We develop target oriented Wordpress websites by-

  • Creating custom website designs
  • Making the website SEO friendly.
  • Making e-commerce plug-ins optional.
  • Creating user-friendly websites which are easy to navigate

Magento web development

Magento is an open-source web development tool which is capable of meeting all your e-commerce requirements as it conveniently maintains and updates your e-store.IT Eternals Multimedia provides the best Magento web development solutions globally, using it as a platform which not only aligns with your organisational objectives,but also provides you a competitive edge.Our team of expert web developers are highly experienced at customising e-commerce websites and updating the web applications with the help of Magento’s free or paid extensions.

We use Magento to enable-

  • Cost efficient and effective websites.
  • Easily customizable websites
  • Optional integration of PayPal.
  • Multiple e-shops can be handled by a single admin.


OpenCart is an open source shopping cart system that is a user-friendly,powerful e-commerce solution which allows our clients to create brilliant online services and get involved in e-commerce at feasible prices.IT Eternals Multimedia provides excellent OpenCart development services which allow our clients to manage their business demands effortlessly.We help you increase your store’s functionality and enhance your business prospects significantly. We have an experienced team for OpenCart web development and customization suited to both small and large projects. We aim to deliver dynamic and affordable web solutions.

OpenCart offers the following advantages-

  • An attractive user interface.
  • It is highly flexible.
  • Extremely SEO friendly.
  • Easy and low cost maintenance.
  • Wide range of add-ons, plug-ins, modules and templates


Laravel is a strong PHP framework which eliminates the use of complex code in order to create beautiful and efficient websites and apps. Web development using Laravel simplifies the web development process by easing common tasks such as routing, authentication, sessions and caching. Our team of highly experienced web developers create secure, feature-rich and well-designed applications.

Advantages of using Laravel-

  • Using this software enables projects to be completed efficiently in a small window of time.
  • Laravel increases the online traffic on your website,as this technology runs on every browser and device.
  • It incorporates flexibility into your applications and simplifies your website.

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